Lindisfarne is a very special place, and has been for centuries.  I stumbled across it on a day trip.  My brother wanted to see Bamburgh Castle and we took a quick detour.  Due to the tides, we only had an hour so he took a walk around while I sat in the ruins of the Priory. 

It’s incongruous even now, with most of it in ruins, to have such a huge and impressive building in such a remote and tiny spot.  I was thinking about the monks and their personalities and it sparked a thought for a novel. 

I read L. J. Ross’s HOLY ISLAND and loved how she used the restrictions of the causeway as part of the plot.

 Since that initial visit, I’ve stayed for a few days on the island, doing research and getting a sense of how it feels once the day visitors have left.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot, with history whispering away in every corner.  

If you get a chance to visit, I recommend Pilgrim’s Coffee who are fabulous, and if you can stay for a few days, The Owl’s Nest is a lovely flat with incredible views.

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